Ladies in hot summer months can not cope with long hair unfortunately. Warmth and the heat are extremely disturbing to the ladies. Short hair is a great solution for a comfortable style, life savior and easy-to-use model, especially for working women who can not spend much time on their hair.

So, if you have already short hair, or want to cut your hair, but feeling confuse about giving a style, do not worry ladies there are lots of hairstyles for short hair, you can find easily some special wedding hairstyles too! And we collect totally amazing braided short wedding hairstyles right here for you. These ideas will help you for a eye-cathing different style on your special day! Just scroll down and pick your style:

1. Side braid

For your medium bob, an adorable side braid:

 Braids, Wedding, Short, Wedding, Braided, Updo

Eautiful Braids For Short Hairgreat For

2. Wedding Hair

Cute blonde inverted bob with lowlights, looks stunning with braid.

 Braids, Tutorial, Idea, Design, Braided, French Braid

3. Short Hair Braid

Suprt short bob and hidden side braid looks so cool and stylish.

 Short, Short Pixie


4. Braids For Short Hair

Soft curls and cute small braid totally chic.

 Wedding, Idea, Wedding, Braids, Updo, Messy Bun, Wedding

5. Wedding Hair Short Hair Braid

A different style braid crown and highlighted bob looks so stylish for your special days:

 Updo, Wedding, Braids, Highlights, Wedding, Idea


 Wedding, Wedding, Updo, Wedding, Braids, Bridal, Beautiful

7- Waterfall Braid

 Braids, Braided, Long, By Chrissy, Lovely


 Braids, Idea, Bun, Flower

9- Boho Wedding Hair

 Braids, Wedding, Bobby Pins, Short, Updo


 Balayage, Long Bob, Highlights


 Balayage, Long Bob, Highlights


 Braids, French Braid, Crown Braid, Idea, Braided, Updo, Wedding

13- Pretty Braid

 Braids, Waterfall Braid, Updo, Wedding, French Braid, Idea, Side Braid

14- Water-fall Braids for Short Hair

 Sock Bun, Braids, Idea, Waterfall Braid, Flower

15- Cute Side Braid

 Short, Short, Bob

16- Braid Crown Hair for Inverted Bob

 Bob, Short, Balayage

17- Short Curly Hair

 Braids, French Braid, Wedding, Braided Bun, Updo, Dos, Wedding

18- Cute Braid Crown

 Balayage, Ombre, Balayage, Idea, Goals

19- Ombre Colored Braided Short Hair

 Braids, Waterfall Braid, Idea, Wedding, Wedding, Braided,

20- Great Updo Style

 Updo, Wedding, Braids, Wedding, Prom, Bridal, Braided Bun

21- Stylish Look

 Wedding, Updo, Wedding, Side Braid, Braids, Wedding, Idea

22- Cute Braided Half Up

 Braids, Waterfall Braid, Wedding, Wedding, Idea, French Braid, Waterfalls

23- Side Braid

 Pony Tail, French Braid, Braids, Ponytail, Ponies, Braided Ponytail, Idea

24- Messy Braided Bob

 , Braid, Braids, Side Braid, Idea, Short, Bob, Medium

25- Curly Ends

 Curls, Braids, Updo, Prom, Prom, Half, Wig


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