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10 Messy Top Knot Updo for Long Hair



Top knot bun hairstyle is very popular among women, they are very comfortable and suitable for any occasions. Messy bun hairstyles should look messy that like it has not been worked on. It can be paired with braids or you can sport half updo to look more chic and modern.

1. Bun Long Hairstyle

Here is a gorgeous messy bun style with French braid that complete the messy look of this simple & chic style.

 Braids, Braided Bun, Messy Bun, Buns, French Braid, Updo, Beautiful

2. Half Top Knot

Half top kont bun is a real trend for women especially the young ones, it is proper for almost every hair time and situation.

 Beautiful, Selena Gomez, Brows, Selena, Faces

3. Half Up Half Down Long Hairstyle

If you want your half bun look bigger try not to style in over tight, pull off some pieces to create the messy look.

 Beautiful, Cara Delevingne, Pink Lips

4. Girl with Messy Long Hair

Here is big messy bun style for women with red and thick hair type.

 Messy Bun, Idea, Messy, Messy , Dos, Buns,

5. Half Up Boho Bun

If you like messy hobo looks this half updo would be a perfect choice as you can see the braids add a bohemian vibe to the hair.

 Waterfall Braid, Goals, Braids, Idea, Long , Beautiful, Waterfalls

6- Messy Bun with Bangs

Big messy bun with full bangs is a sophisticated style for girls who like to emphasize their eyes.

 Short , Short, Short , Pixie

7- High Messy Bun Long Hairstyles

 Beautiful, Short , Kim Kardashian, Kardashian, Updo, Short

8- Messy Buns

 Beautiful, Short , Short

9- Half Updo Hairstyle Idea

 Braids, Waterfall Braid, Idea, Bows, Beautiful, Bows

10- Big Messy Long Hair Updos

 Wedding , Updo, Wedding , Braids, Idea, Wedding, Crown Braid

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