Ladies really loves glitters and highlights. Especially these days, you will see how important to use highlights on our make-up. You cheecks looks so alluring and if you know the true technique. So, you can use glitters on your nails too! This is pretty simple and a great choise to try nail designs! These styles looks great for new year parties or on your special events.

Some nail arts looks pretty hard, you should be done more practice. Or, you have it made by a nail artist, but in this gallery, you can find really simple and easy, also gorgeous glittered nail designs! First, a great base, for example black nail polish (vivid or matte, but we prefer you matte nails, because this color really popular these days) and then use glitters on your nails top, or one-finger. You can create simple combinations if you want to apply your own hands.

20. 1. Nail Colors For Dark Skin

Vivid black base and one glittered nail looks so cool and stylish for dark skin ladies:

19. 2. Black And Silver Nails

Very long coffin nails, and glittered ombre style:

18. 3. Fall Nail Designs 2017

Feathers and golden glitters combination absolutely stunning!

17. 4. Black And Gold Nails

If you love long coffin shape, and matte black desings, this one is totally for you!

16. 5. New Nail Designs 2017

Amazing golden mirror color and great ring combination:

15. 6- Coffin Nails Glitter Tips

14. 7- New Years Nails Design

13. 8-

12. 9-

11. 10- New Years Eve Nails

10. 11-

9. 12-

8. 13- White And Gold Nail Art

7. 14- Black And Gold Nail Designs

6. 15- Gold Nail Art Design

5. 16- Green And Gold Nail Design

4. 17- Gold Glitter Ombre Nails

3. 18- New Years Nails 2017

2. 19- Black And Gold Nail Design

1. 20- Nails with Gold Glitter


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