We are here again with an amazing trend right here! If you want to try tattoo but feeling confuse about the place, we have a really great idea for you; Wrist tattoos! These days simple and minimalist tattoos really popular and looks amazing. So you if you really want a new tatt or getting your first tattoo, these images will help you for make a decision.

Wrist tattoos looks so adorable and stylish at the same time, and you’ll free more relaxed a small simple tattoo. Especially natural tattoo designs, moon tattoos looks really inspirational. Just scroll down and take a look these amazing wrist tattoo designs ladies:

1. Pine Tree Tattoo

Tattoos, Tree, Trees, Ink, Tatoo, Feather, Wrist, Pine Tree, Dandelion Tattoo

2. Small Crescent Moon Tattoo

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Wrist, Heart Tattoo 2017, Tatoo, Small, Ink, Tat, Wrist, Heart

3. Bird Wrist Tattoos

Tattoos, Bird, Small Tattoo 2017, Tatoo, Tattoo Designs, Ink, Small Birds, Tattoos Piercing, Tat

4. Anchor Tattoo Wrist

Rings, Nail Art 2017, Jamberry, Knuckle Rings, Midi Rings, Manicures, Nail Design, Jewelry

5- Small Wrist Tattoo

Tattoos, Tatoo, Ink, Tiny, Small, Tat,

6- Small Heart Tattoo

Beautiful, Faces, Girl Crush, Beautiful Face, Model

7- Swallow Tattoo Behind Ear

Camera, Tattoos, Reflex Camera, Lenses, Photo, Photographers, Canon, Smile Tattoo

8- Simple Circle Tattoo

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Rings, Wrist Tattoo 2017, Small, Tiny, Temporary, Ink, Moon Tattoo, Tatoo

9- Simple Sun Tattoo

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Tatoo, Ink, Small, Tattoo Designs, Tiny, Tattoos

10- Laurel Tattoo

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Wrist, Bird Tattoo 2017, Tatoo, Dandelion, Ink, Tattoos Piercing, Tat, Sister Tattoo

11- Small Tattoos with Meaning

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Bird, Tattoos Piercing, Tatoo, Tat, Wrist, Ink, Birds, Small Tattoo

12- Heart Tattoo On Wrist

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Wrist, Small Tattoo 2017, Ink, Rings, Tatoo, Bracelets, Tiny Tattoo

13- Minimalist Cat Tattoo

Tattoos, Cat, Tatoo, Ink, Unicorn, Small, Cats, Tattoo Designs, Tattoo Artist

14- Jon Boy Tattoo

Tattoos, Neck, Cross Tattoo 2017, Ear Piercing, Tattoos Piercing, Pierc

15- Tree Tattoo

Tattoos, Tree, Small Tattoo 2017, Tatoo, Tattoos Piercing, Wrist, Tattoo Designs, Flower Tattoo, Trees

16- Small Bird Tattoo

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Peter Pan, Tattoos Piercing, Peter O'Toole, Tatoo, Pan, Disney, Pan Tattoo, Peter Pan Tattoos

17- Small Wrist Tattoos

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Moon, Small Tattoo 2017, Tatoo, Wrist, Ink, T

18- Cool Small Tattoos

Tattoos, Moon, Small Tattoo 2017, Wrist, Tiny, Moon, Tatoo, Ink, Temporary Tattoo

19- Airplane Tattoo

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Tattoos Piercing, Travel Tattoo 2017, Airplane, Small, Arrow, Ink, Tatoo, Tat

20- Small Dragonfly Tattoos

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Wrist, Anchor Tattoo 2017, Tattoos Piercing, Tatoo, Bird, Anchors, Ink, Tat

21- Compass Tattoo

Tattoos, Compass, Compass, Tatoo, Tattoo Designs, Ink, Arrow, Tat, Small Tattoo

22- Small Feminine Tattoos

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Wrist, Tattoos Piercing, Tattoo Fonts, Heartbeat, Tatoo, Ink, Tattoo Quote, Tat

23- Rainbow Tattoos

Tattoos, Tattoo Idea 2017, Small, Ink, Tiny, Tatoo, Wrist, Tattoo Designs, Dot Tattoos, Rainbow Tattoo



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