Prom is one of the most important days of girls’ life, you have been waiting for this special day for so long. The boy you like ask you to go to prom and now you should look really gorgeous and stylish t the same time. If you choose your prom dress already it is time to find the perfect hairstyle!

1. Braided Updo Prom Hair

Updo styles are the most popular hair ideas, they are great for special occasions if you like romantic styles this braided updo is great for you:

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2. Side Braid Bun

Big, low bun with a side French braid is the perfect choice for a chic and elegant look for Prom.

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3. Wedding Hairstyles Updo

Here is a very classy and elegant updo style that is suitable for special events like proms or weddings.

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4. Updos for Shoulder Length Hair

If you have shoulder length hair this double side braided updo style is a gorgeous idea for you.

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5. Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

Here is a very elegant and stylish updo that looks perfect on this copper long hair.

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 Wedding, Wedding, Updo, Idea, Wedding, Prom

7- Updo Diy for Medium Length Hair

 Braided, Updo, Wedding, Dos, Idea, Braids, Wedding


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9- Hair Updos for Weddings

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10- Updo Hairstyles for Prom

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11- Braid Updo Prom

 Braids, Updo, Wedding, Braided Bun, Prom, Fishtail Low, Idea

12- Prom Updos for Long Hair

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14- Loose Updo with Braid

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15- Hair Updos

 Braids, Braided Bun, Wedding, Updo, Idea, Wedding, Braided

16- Prom Updos 2017

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17- Prom Updos for Long Hair

 Wedding, Updo, Braids, Prom, Idea, Braided Bun, Wedding

18- Updo

 Updo, Wedding, Braids, Wedding, Wedding, Wig, Buns

19- Low Bun Formal Hair

 Updo, Wedding, Braids, Idea, Wedding, Wedding, Buns

20- Hair Updos with Braids

 French Braid, Braids, Pony Tail, Wedding, Wedding, Updo, Idea

21- Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

 Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Updo, Braids, Idea

22- Braided Updos

 Wedding, Updo, Braided Bun, Braids, Bun, Buns, Wedding

23- Olivia Palermo Hair Updo

 Braids, Wedding, Updo, Wedding, Buns, Pieces, Wedding

24- Updos for Shoulder Length Hair

 Braids, Braided Bun, Side Braid, French Braid, Buns, Updo, Wedding


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