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10+ Purple to Red Ombre Hair Color



We all know that ombre coloring is very popular and there are million different ways to adopt this coloring technique. If you want some little change you can go with 2-3 tons lighter than your color base but if you are bold enough you can try different colors like purple and red. The transition between red and purple would look like the galactic pics that we saw on the Internet.

1. Purple and Red Hair

 Colour, Red, Coloured, Red

2. Red Purple Ombre Hair

Red, Red, Pink, Ed

3. Red Color Melt Hair

Red, Ombre, Red, Ombre

4- Sunset Hair

Galaxy, Purple, Colour, Trends

5- Purple Red Ombre Hair

Purple, Colour, Purple, Ombre

6- Purple And Pink Ombre Hair

, Pink, Ombre, Pink, Pink Ombre, Styl

7- Purple To Red Ombre Hair

Tattoos, Tattoo Girl, Inked Girl, Face, Tattoos Piercing, Ink, Neck Tattoo, Beautiful

8- Purple Red Orange Hair

Red, Red Ombre, Wig

9- Sunset Hair Color

Red, Red, Ombre, Colour

10- Purple Pink Ombre Hair

Purple, Purple, Ombre, Balayage

11- Red Purple Hair Color

 Colour, Idea, Purple, Ed

12- Red And Purple Hair

, Idea, Purple, Curls, Ombre

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