Classy casual or smart casual styles are very popular among both men and women. You don’t have to go with full formal to look chic but going full casual with sweatpants won’t be a good idea for all the time. Classy casual styles are being really stylish with the combination of classy and casual outfits.

28. 1. Black And White Women’s Outfit with a Shirt

Can plaid button down shirt be the star piece of your stylish combination? Here is a good example how to adopt this style:

27. 2. Casual Outfits with Leather Leggings

Leather legging is a very popular piece for women recently and it looks definitely gorgeous with casual styles but if you combine it with heels and a sweater you will look definitely chic.

26. 3. Casual Work

This one is for business women who always look formal yet stylish at the same time.

25. 4. Business Attire for Women


24. 5. Casual Work Outfits for Young Women

23. 6- Olivia Palermo Winter

22. 7- Louis Vuitton Artsy Damier Azur

21. 8- Gray Blazer Casual Outfit Ideas

20. 9- Business Casual Outfits Women

19. 10- Interview Outfits for Women

18. 11- Casual Chic Summer Outfits

17. 12- With a White Jacket

16. 13- White Jeans Winter Outfit

15. 14- Chic Outfit Idea

14. 15- Business Casual

13. 16- Black Leather Loafers Women

12. 17- Casual Style

11. 18- French Street Fashion


10. 19- Leather Jacket

9. 20- Casual Summer Outfits for Women

8. 21- Casual Summer Work Outfits 2016

7. 22- All Black Casual Outfit Women

6. 23- Beach Outfit

5. 24- Chelsea Ankle Boots with Jeans

4. 25- Sexy But Casual Outfits

3. 26- All Black Work Outfits

2. 27- High Waisted White Pants

1. 28- Black Leather Pants Outfit


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