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25+ Burgundy Red Hair Color Ombre Style



When we feel a little boring from our casual hairstyles, we want to something more different, and more attractive hairstyles to use on our hairdo. So, there’s a great style if you want to change your hair color, ombre hair colors! You can see every ladies blonde ombre variations, blonde-caramel ombre styles, but we have really unique stye right here for you, burgundy ombre hairstyles!

This trend really popular from recent years, but there are too many different shades of color and burgundy best one of them. If you love dark and red combination, these hairstyles will amaze you. Layered cuts and soft waves and loose curls looks amazing with this hair color. Just check these out ladies, do not miss this trend!

1. Fall Hair Color for Burgundy

Dark hair to burgundy ombre with curly ends, looks stunning:

 , Colour, Idea, Ombre, Balayage

2. Burgundy Balayage On Brown Hair

With highlights and balayage, this hair color looks really attractive:

Ombre, Black, Burgundy, Red

3. Burgundy Hair 2017

Layered cut straight hair, also v shape cut:

Red, Red, Balayage, Colour

4. Dark Brown To Burgundy Ombre

Dark brown and amazing dark red combination:

, Idea, Colour, Ombre, Burgundy

5- Burgundy Balayage

Bright red lights, burgundy ombre, and natural brown top hairdo:

, Red, Ombre, Colour, Red

6- Burgundy Ombre Trending İdeas

Balayage, Wig, Highlights, Brunettes

7- Hair Color for Burgundy

, Colour, Idea, Ombre, Purple

8- Redhead Marsala Hair

, Idea, Colour, Red, Ombre

9- Burgundy Ombre Short Hair

Purple, Bob

10- Burgundy Hair

Red, Jesy Nelson, Red, Jesy

11- Black To Red Ombre

Purple, Ombre, Purple, Brown

12- Red Balayage On Black Hair

Balayage, Red, Colour, Ombre

13- Cherry Bomb Ombre Hair

, Red, Colour, Idea, Ombre

14- Manic Panic Vampire Burgundy

Purple, Colour, Purple, Ombre

15- Burgundy Balayage Ombre

, Colour, Idea, Red, Ombre

16- Burgundy Balayage Ombre

Red, Red, Burgundy, Balayage

17- New Burgundy Hair Colors for Fall

 Colour, Ombre, Idea, Balayage

18- Red Ombre Straight Hair

Ombre, Red, Pink, Red

19- Red Balayage

 Idea, Colour, Red, Ombre

20- Hair Color İdeas for Dark Hair

, Colour, Purple, Idea, Purple

21- Hair Highlights Burgundy

Burgundy, Red, Balayage, Burgundy

22- Red Violet Ombre Hair

Red, Red, Ombre, Balayage

23- Burgundy Highlights On Black Hair

Burgundy, Burgundy, Balayage, Ombre

24- Mauve Chocolate

Red, Balayage, Burgundy, Red

25- Black And Red Ombre Hair

Red, Ombre, Red Ombre, Red

26- Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy, Burgundy, Balayage, Burgundy S

27- Burgundy Hair Color Ombre

Ombre, Purple, Balayage, Colour

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