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15 Long Oval Shape Nail Designs



Done with the typical round, square, coffin and stiletto nails and looking for something innovative and more appealing? Try the oval shape nails! This type features rounded tip like a semi circle. And the ideal length is about 3mm of free edge at the tip.

This shape is a favorite among a lot of celebrities including Ally Brooke, Madelaine Petsch, Ariana Grande and so on. This style will not only add beauty to your fingers but saves a lot of time and cost for maintenance. You can go on for days after getting it once. After that, you can do it all those simple maintenance it may require to keep up the style at home.

The oval shape nails suit almost all sorts of fingers, be it chubby or thin. You can try different shades on these nails. Without choosing random nail polish, spend a little more time on picking the right color on your oval nails and you can turn its appeal from blah to bling. Matching your skin tone and mood, you can adorn your long oval shape nail arts. In case, you’re amateur in this field, let the following 15 long oval shape nail designs help you choosing the best one matching your preferred outfit as well as occasion.

1. Long Oval Shape Nails

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs

With curved tops, these long oval shape nails are perfect for ladies who don’t want to have pointed top and appreciate a softer look. It’ll simply rock your natural nails. Not so loud yet vibrant, it’s easy to wear and sure to give you a breezy vibe.  While inky blue or black shades may impose a harsh look. To eliminate that sort of feel, you can opt for this mild tone. Finally, you can create an illusion of slimmer nails on your long oval shape nails leaving a wee space on either side while painting.

2. Almond Shape Nail Design

Long Oval Shape Nails

3. Acrylic Nails Oval Shape

Oval Shape Nails

4. Acrylic Nails

Oval Shape Long Nail

5. Oval Stiletto Nails

Oval Shape Nail Ideas

6. Long Nude Nails with Glitter

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs-6

7. Chevron Nail Art

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs-7

8. Oval Nails Or Almond-Shaped Nails

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs-8

9. Silver and Grey Acrylic Nails

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs-9

10. Glittered Oval Nail Design

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs-10

11. White Oval Shaped Nail

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs-11

12. Modern Nail Design

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs-12

13. French Fade Oval Nails

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs-13

14. Cute Spring Nail Design

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs-14

15. Acrylic Nails Natural Color

Long Oval Shape Nail Designs-15

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