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25 Hairstyles for Black Women



Black women are blessed with thick and beautiful hair. There are many hairstyles that look great on dark and thick hair, which most black women naturally have. It is also important to keep up with the trends regarding hairstyles. One can embrace one’s natural self and still make it look new and trendy. And to do this, it is most essential to choose the right kind of hairstyle. To help you with this, we have brought together 25 hairstyles specially created for all dark haired women.

1- Curly Natural Hairstyle

Curly Natural Hairtyle, Hair Wedding Black Black

This hairstyle is perfect for people who have natural curly hair. You can also do this hairstyle by using curlers if you don’t have curly hair. This look gives volume and can be your ultimate retro look which is bound to appear amazing on any black woman.

2- Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly Bob Hairtyle, Hair Black Women Curly

For this hairstyle, you need to have a medium or short bob hair cut. Tease the hair a little bit on the top and do a side part. Clip the parted hair on the side with some bobby pins and you’re good to go!

3- Twisted Braids

Twisted Braids, Hair Black Braids Fair

Twisted braids are a unique and fun hairstyle to try out. This hairstyle looks best on long hair. Part your hair in a few numbers of sections and tightly twist it making a braided appearance. This funky hairstyle will surely make you look like an Instagram goddess!

4- Hairstyle for Black Women

Hairtyle for Black Women, Hair Curly Red Black

5- 4 Braids Hairstyle

4 Braids Hairtyle, Braids Black Women Hair

6- Crochet Braids with Bangs

Curly Hair Fringe Braided

7- Black Girl Cornrow

Braids Cornrows Hair Hairtyles

8- Long Dread Natural Locks

Locs Long Natural Styles

9- Blonde Bobs

Hair Curly Blonde Color

10- Catchy Cornrow

Cornrow Braids Cornrows Black

11- Beautiful Bob

Bob Black Hair Black

12- Black Pixie

Hair Short Women Black

13- Dark Green

Hair Black Women Pixie

14- One Side Long One Side Short Bob

Bob Hair Summer Wig

15- Messy Short

Pixie Black Black Women

16- Cute Boy Cut

Pixie Hair Black Styles

17- Above the Head – Congested Hair

Hair Natural Afro Styles

18- Bouncy Side Parted Long Curls

Hair Weave Curly 2018

19- Visible Head Skin Haircut

Natural Hair Black Women

20- Long Plaits

Styles Hair Braids Black

21- Stunning Balayage Braids Updo

Braids Hair Tips Beauty

22- Wedding Hairstyle for Black Women

Hair Wedding Black Women

23- Senegalese Twist Dark Maroon Crochet Hair

Senegalese Braids Twist Hair

24- Afro Textured Hair

Hair Black Afro Love

25- Loose Curls

Black Hair Natural Girl

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