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20 Chic Summer Nail Designs

Hurray, summer is here and it’s calling for some fun and stylish looks. Those, who love doing nail art, can gain a lot of inspiration from this season. Vibrant colors, beautiful designs, and shapes can be incorporated into your nail art regime during this season.

To give some ideas about gorgeous summer nails, we have brought together 20 chic summer nail designs that you can definitely try out the next time you’re painting your nails.

1- Watermelon Summer Nail Design

Summer Nail Design, Nail Summer Designs Art

Who doesn’t love watermelons? It’s the perfect epitome for the summer season and the perfect inspiration for nail art. For this look, start off by applying a base coat to protect your nails. Then, apply a matte pink nail polish on your thumb, index and middle fingernail. Paint the little finger a light green color. Now, apply white nail polish on your ring finger then apply pink and green nail polish to draw a watermelon. Add details of watermelon seeds by adding some black color to it.

2- Blue Summer Nails

Blue Summer Nails, Nail Heart Designs Art

This design is the best for floral art lovers. After applying a base coat, put blue nail polish on all of your fingers except the ring finger. Take a nail art brush and draw a white flower with a yellow center. Finish the look by applying a top coat.

3- Cute Holiday Nail Art

Cute Holiday Nail Art, Nail Nails Designs Art

This design will give you a summer holiday vibe. You can do this nail art by applying a glittery orange or pink nail polish and drawing palm trees on the nail of your ring finger with a nail art brush.

4- Summer Ombre Nail Design

Summer Ombre Nail Design, Nail Summer Nails Designs

5- Pineapple Design on Nails

Pineapple Design on Nails, Nail Art Nails Summer

6- Colorful Bright Ice cream Design

Nail Big Toe Color

7- Nude Square Shaped Nail with Glitter on White in Ring Finger

Nails Summer Nail Wedding

8- Sky + Ocean Blue Combination

Nail Best Nails Polish

9- Pumpkin Color with Floral Pattern

Nail Polish Wedding Manicure

10- Mint Green Plus Pink Nails

Nails Nail Summer Pink

11- Starfish Underwater Vibe

Nail Designs Nails Toe

12- Cute Mild Green Tone + Arrows on Dark Green

Nail Summer Nails Designs

13- Beachy Flowers on Toes

Nail Summer Nails Designs

14- Beautiful Cheery on White Background

Nail Summer Beautiful Nails

15- Yellow to Fiery Red

Nail Nails Manicure Designs

16- Black Palm tree on White Paint

Nail Summer Nails Manicure

17- Sea Creatures on Nude

Summer Nail Nails 2017

18- Stiletto Soft to Dark Paint on Acrylic Nails

Nails Stiletto Nail Acrylic

19- Pink + Yellow Sunset Scene with Palm Trees

Nail Summer Designs Art

20- Ombre Nails 3 Colors

Nails Nail Summer Ombre

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