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20 Chic Braids for Short Hair



Do you have short hair and are dying to get it out of your face? Well, say goodbye to struggling to tie that hair up, forget your bobby pins and clips, because we have a list of Braids for Short Hair that might just be what you are looking for! If you do not want to struggle to braid your hair and want something simple, you can get your hair out of your face while sporting a cute hairstyle like the following; you can take large portions of hair from each side of your head and connect them at the back into a single thick braid. If you want something less time-consuming, you can go for Dutch braids; two separate braids on either side of your hair, completely removing hair from your face and pinning it back. If you want an elegant look and have the time to style your hair, you can do a side braid that runs from the top of your head right around to the other side, ending at the bottom before it runs up! This look is rather sophisticated and will make you look like a gorgeous Greek goddess. A fun, edgy style to try is two side braids on one side of your hair (tightly braided of course, in the same manner as a French braid) and the rest of your hair loose. You could even use a bobby pin to pin the loose side down so that it’s out of your face. Another beautiful hairstyle is a single braid running down from the middle of your forehead and meeting two braids (one on the left and one on the right), and then connecting and cascading down as one braid. That last braid sounds rather poetic, and it will definitely leave you looking rather poetic and classy in a sophisticated way!

1-Braids for Short Hair

Braids for Short Hair, Hair Braids Hairtyles Braid

2-2 French Braids

2 French Braids, Hair Braids Short Two

3-Dutch Braids Bun

Dutch Braids Bun, Hair Braids Buns Hairtyles

4-Short Hair Side Braid

Short Hair Side Braid, Short Hair Pixie Curly

5-Cute Braided Half Up

Cute Braided Half Up, Hair Short Braids Hairtyles

6- Grey Braids

Short Braids Striped Blouse

7- Sports Style

Hair Braids Braid Short

8- Double Dutch Braids

Hair Purple Braid Short

9- Two Braids Top of the Head

Braids Short Hair Sienna

10- Easy Braids

Hair Short Easy Braids

11- Braid on Long Pixie Cut

Hair Braid Pixie Hairtyles

12- Braids for Short Hair

Hair Braids Braid Short

13- Braided Bangs

Hair Short Braided Side

14- Gorgeous Look

Hair Short Parted Side

15- Festival Hairstyle

Hair Braids Short One

16- Braided Updo

Hair Braids Hairtyles Fun

17- Cute Style

Short Braid Braids Hair

18- Faux Hawk Braid

Hairtyles Hair Edgy Short

19- Braided Updo Hair

Updo Braided Hairtyles Hair

20- Half Updo Hair

Hair Bun Half Braids

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