We all know Lisa Rinna right? Lisa Rinna is the actress who played Billie Reed on Days of Our Lives and she is also on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Acting roles aside, she has amazing hair that is styled wonderfully and in this article, you will come across awesome photos of Lisa Rinna Hairstyles. Her hair is mostly short and does not touch her shoulders. Because her hair is cut very short, it accentuates her jawline and face shape, and draws attention to her neck and shoulders, etc. The color she wears is brown with highlights in all the appropriate places. She has bangs that are straight, parted unevenly and do not cover her eyes. Overall, she has that Hollywood look. If you are thinking of getting a new hairstyle and have had your eye on Lisa Rinna’s locks, this is how you can achieve the look! Your hair should be short and above your shoulders and it should be cut in a way so that the ends look choppy but not messy. The ends of your hair should sprawl out and flare towards the corresponding side of your head. Your bangs should be touching the eyebrow and should be parted unevenly; more on one side than the other. If you want to achieve the complete look, you should dye your hair brown and have the appropriate highlights added, and it should be straight of course. So now you can go to your hairstylist or hair salon and ask them to transform your beautiful locks into something even more beautiful.

1-Lisa Rinna Hairtyle

Lisa Rinna Hairtyle, Hair Layered Women Lisa

2-Lisa Rinna Pixie Hair

Lisa Rinna Pixie Hair, Hair Pixie Short Lisa

3-Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob, Hair Hairtyles Fun Bob

4-Sassy Pixie Style

Sassy Pixie Style, Short Hairtyles Hair Sassy

5-Lisa Rinna Layered Short Hair

Lisa Rinna Layered Short Hair, Shag Short Hairtyles Lisa

6- Short Layered Hair

Short Hair Lisa Rinna

7- Shaggy Style

Short Hair Lisa Rinna

8- Hairstyle with Volume

Hair Lisa Rinna Lisa

9- Haircut with Bangs

Hairtyles Short Hair Lisa

10- Dark Hair

Hairtyles Sassy Short Rinna

11- Lisa Rinna’s Thick Hair

Short Women Hairtyles Hair

12- Shoulder Length Hair for Square Faces

Hair Shag Medium Short

13- Cute Look

Sherri Hair Housewives Lisa

14- Gorgeous Layered Har

Hair Lisa Rinna Hairtyles

15- Sleek Hair

Hair Makeup Lisa Rinna

16- Daily Look

Lisa Rinna Black All

17- Dark Hair with Subtle Highlights

Hair Medium Short Pixie

18- Short Pixie Cut

Hair Short Lisa Rinna

19- Layered Hair

Hairtyles Women Rinna Hair

20- Blonde Hair

Hair Lisa Rinna Short

21- Hair with Volume

Hair Short Lisa Rinna

22- Lisa Rinna

Hair Short Lisa Rinna

23- Amazing Hairstyle

Lisa Rinna Hairtyles Shag


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