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20 Totally Cute and Easy Nail Designs



So you’re tired of the same old boring natural nails that you wear, or you no longer can take the same, plain, expected nail polish clinging onto your nails all day. If you want to change that boringness into something fun and cute and easy to do, we have Cute Easy Nail Designs for you to try out! Nail polish is plain and simple; one or two coats and you’re set! But what comes after is what’s important; all that detailing and shaping and designing and thinking of colors to use. Make sure that your base coat is something that will be easy to work with and once that is applied, you are ready to begin! For a simple gradient that is easy to do, you can take a beauty sponge and apply three or four shades of the same color nail polish to it and dab onto your nail, repeating until the desired effect takes place. If you’re looking for something less complicated, you can put small, vertically cut strips of tape on your base coat and paint over to create a striped pattern. You could even use the end of a bobby pin and dip it into some nail polish and then your nail to create a polka dot look! If you want something much simpler than that, just go for an accent nail; you could use glitter polish or decorate it however you like! Single straight vertical lines from the cuticle to the tip of your nail are elegant yet simple, and they look gorgeous when you use the right colors! There are many more cute and easy nail designs to do out there but these are the easiest, so have fun and be careful or you’ll have much cleaning up to do!

1-Cute Easy Nail Design

Cute Easy Nail Design, Nails Nail Easy Summer

2-Palm Leaf Nails

Palm Leaf Nails, Nail Art Cute Easy

3-Short Nails Cute Nail Design

Short Nails Cute Nail Design, Nail Easy Nails Art

4-Tape Striped Easy Nail Designs

Tape Striped Easy Nail Designs, Nails Nail Tape Striped

5-Adorable Penguin Nail Art

Adorable Penguin Nail Art, Nail Manicure Designs Art

6- Beachy Style

Nails Nail Beach Girl

7- Cute Design

Nail Nails Manicure Designs

8- Easy Nail Design

Nail Easy Paint Drip

9- Pastel Colors

Nail Manicure Designs Art

10- Pink and Grey Nails

Nails Nail Pink Designs

11- Easy-to-do Style

Nail Manicure Art Polish

12- Nail Trend

Nail Manicure Nails Love

13- Short Wedding Nails

Wedding Nail Sparkle Manicure

14- Cute and Easy Designs

Nail Nails Easy Glitter

15- French Manicure with Glitters

French Nails Manicure Nail

16- Cute Design

Nail Nails Cute Easy

17- Artistic Style

Nails Nail Easy Brush

18- Easy Design

Nail Easy Polish Beginners

19- Cute Nails

Nails Nail Moustache Mustache

20- Shades of Blue

Blue Nail Nails Short

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