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23 Chic Short Haircuts for Straight Hair



So you’re one of those blessed human beings who was born with long, luxurious locks of straight hair…and you want to cut it (cue the screams of murder). Having long hair can be a problem at times, what with all the washing and brushing, drying and nurturing, etc. Sometimes you just don’t need that long hair ruining your day or warming you up more than you need, and you just want to snip it off. This is why we have created an article about Short Haircuts for Straight Hair that will give you some insight into how you can style your short hair if it’s straight! If you are looking for an edgy haircut, you could try a rebellious sidecut. This is when one side of your hair is shaved and the rest is short, giving you that cool, punk rock look. Another edgy look is the dramatic bangs style; your hair cut short yet into layers, with bangs overlapping your eyes and most of one side of your face in a sort of emo way. If you are the lazy type who just wants to rid themselves of effort used to do and maintain hair, you should opt for a shaggy cut; simple yet cool and oddly subtle. For a more professional haircut, a sleek A-line cut would do just the job. An angled cut would achieve the same look and keep you looking classy and professional in the workplace. You could cut a short bob with one side tucked behind your ear, giving you a beautifully simple look that is elegant!

1-Short Haircut for Straight Hair

Short Haircut for Straight Hair, Hair Ear Short Choppy

2-Medium Length Haircut

Medium Length Haircut, Hair Length Medium Bob

3-Straight Short Hair 2018

Straight Short Hair 2018, Bob Layered Short Black

4-Julianne Hough Bob Hairtyle

Julianne Hough Bob Hairtyle, Hair Hough Short Bob

5-Straight Short Layered Hairtyle

Straight Short Layered Hairtyle, Hair Short Bob Layered

6- Short Hair with Bangs

Short Layered Bob Hair

7- Medium Blonde Bob

Short Hair 20 One

8- Jaw Length Hairstyle

Layered Short Tousled Bob

9- Bob Cut

Bob Blonde Short Bobs

10- Soft Layered Bob

Bob Layered Short Brunette

11- Asymmetrical Bob

Bob Straight Blonde Balayage

12- Choppy Bob

Blonde Bob Choppy Straight

13- Pixie Layered Hair

Short Bob Layered Pixie

14- Bob for Thin Hair

Hair Short Straight Thin

15- Bob Haircut

Short Bob Hair Fine

16- Sleek Pixie Hair

Short Hair Bob 20

17- Brown Hair with Highlights

Short Hairtyles Hair Women

18- Layered Bob

Bob Hair Short Bronde

19- Stacked Bob

Blonde Bob Stacked Bobs

20- Shoulder Length Hair

Hair Bob Length Short

21- Short Blonde Hair

Short Hair Pixie Blonde

22- Bob Cut

Blonde Bob Fine Golden

23- Layered Bob

Bob Short Caramel Layered

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