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25 Nice Bangs for Wavy Hair



If you are one of those girls who have naturally wavy hair and you find yourself desperately wanting bangs but you don’t know if your waves will allow you to pull them off, this is just the article for you! We will present some ideas of Bangs for Wavy Hair and show you just how gorgeous you can look with those bangs! Bangs can work with any length of hair, and most hair types; you just need to know how to style them. If you have thick, wavy hair, you can cut bangs that are plain and simple but make sure they just touch your brow or fall slightly below. Your thickness and volume will definitely shine through in those bangs, and you will look beautiful. If you don’t want long bangs in your eyes, you could always have them done shorter. Bangs cut sideways are a good option too, if you have a ‘good side’. You could even part them in the middle if you’d like, Zooey Deschanel style. If you’d like, you could have your bangs cut straight, giving you an elegant look and accentuating your features against those soft waves. This works particularly well if you have shoulder-length hair that is wavy. If you have medium-length hair, try cutting bangs that are long, so they can be moved to the sides of your face. You can also style long bangs by parting them in the middle and pinning each side to the corresponding sides of your head, creating a subtly sophisticated look. Bobby pins or stylish hair clips can be used in this case. So go ahead and get yourself some bangs if you’re looking to change it up a bit!

1-Bangs for Wavy Hair

Bangs for Wavy Hair, Bangs Hair Alexa Trend

2-Layered Hair and Bangs

Layered Hair and Bangs, Hair Bangs Winter Long

3-Mid Length Hair

Mid Length Hair, Wavy Shag Shaggy Medium

4-Long Wavy Hair with Layers

Long Wavy Hair with Layers, Hair Balayage Blonde Ombre

5-Blonde Hair with Bangs

Blonde Hair with Bangs, Hair Bangs Haley Bailey

6- Bangs for Curly Hair

Hair Bangs Pixie Curly

7- Wavy Hair Bangs

Hair Home Some Pretty

8- Curly Wavy Hair

Curly Bangs Hair Wavy

9- Red Hair

Hair Curly Red Bangs

10- Black Bangs

Bangs Hair Wavy Hairtyles

11- Curly Bob with Bangs

Curly Hair Bangs Bob

12- Messy Short Bob

Curly Harry Trendy Some

13- Naturally Wavy Hair

Hair Bangs Long Wavy

14- Long Angled Bob

Bob Angled Length Choppy

15- Long Hair

Hair Wavy Long Trend

16- Messy Bangs

Hair Bangs Wavy Bob

17- Long Layers

18- Bangs and Layers

Hair Long Layers Bangs

19- Hairstyle for Square Faces

Hair Messy Long Brunette

20- Hair with Bangs

Bangs Dakota Johnson Johnson

21- Curly Hair

Curly Bangs Hair Long

22- Medium Length Shaggy Hair

Length Hair Shag Beach

23- Blonde Style

Hair Bangs 70S Wavy

24- Shaggy Layered Style

Bangs Hair Wavy Medium

25- Just Bangs and Fringe

Hair Bangs Brown Ombre

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