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20+ Pics of Layered Haircuts for Wavy Hair



Do you have wavy hair and are tired of the same old boring hairstyle? Are you looking to be adventurous and try out a new hairstyle? We can offer you Layered Haircuts for Wavy Hair. Layered haircut is making a comeback in 2018 and is looking more gorgeous than ever! If you want that fuller look you could try a shortcut just above your shoulders. This will make your hair seem thicker, and will accentuate your beautiful waves! If you do not favor a shortcut or a lengthy cut, you can opt for a medium length layered cut. Having your hair medium length and layered will have you looking like those wonderful actresses in those movies that people never forget! A medium-length layered haircut, with the layers cut just in the perfect places will have you looking elegant and like a princess! Who could resist that? If you want an edgier look, you could go for the chopped layered haircut with your medium-length hair. This will make you look beautiful, and bring out those natural waves in your hair! If you want that punk rock look, go for choppy short hair, above your shoulder. This, with layers, will make you look gorgeous and give your hair much more volume; hard rock yet beautiful! If you want to ditch the edgy short hair and subtle medium hair either because you just don’t fancy it or you just love your locks that much (come on, who hates parting with their hair?), you could retain your elegantly grown long wavy hair, but here comes the twist…layer it! Your hair, already wavy, will be irresistible! You will find yourself touching it and looking at it all day because, let’s face it, your heavily layered, luxurious, wavy long hair will make jaws drop and you will be the center of attention! If you still want a more adventurous look or want heads to turn, you can also add highlights into those layers, or completely change the color. So, whether you choose short or long hair, and you love rocking your natural waves, layers will do so much for you and accentuate your thickness and your waves!

1-Layered Haircut for Wavy Hair

Layered Haircut for Wavy Hair, Hair Wavy Blonde Long

2-Lob with Wavy Layers

Lob with Wavy Layers, Hair Wavy Bob Layers

3-Long Chunky Layered Hairtyle

Long Chunky Layered Hairtyle, Hair Layered Long Highlights

4-Blonde Long Hair Short Layers

Blonde Long Hair Short Layers, Hair Long Layers Blonde

5-Thin Layered Hair

Thin Layered Hair, Hair Haircuts Layered Thin

6- Medium Length Hair

Balayage Hair Medium Layered

7- Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

Length Choppy Wavy Shoulder

8- Long Dark Hair

Hair Thick Color Long

9- Summer Style

Bob Hair Layered Hår

10- Long Hair with Side Bangs

Hair Long Wavy Taper

11- Dark Blonde Layered Hair

Blonde Balayage Dark Wavy

12- Thick Hair

Balayage Hair Long Brunette

13- Long Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair Long Asymmetrical

14- Long Layers

Hair Long Wavy Blonde

15- Wavy Style

Balayage Hair Brown Shag

16- Messy Waves

Grimes Hair Long Brown

17- Long Wavy Layered Hair

Wavy Long Hair Layered

18- Black Hair with Highlights

Highlights Wavy Brown Layered

19- Brown Hair with Subtle Hairstyles

Hair Balayage Highlights Brunette

20- Light Brown Hair

Hair Brown Color Light

21- Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair Wavy Balayage

22- Layered Bob Cut

Layered Wavy Bob Blonde

23- Dark Chocolate Hair

Length Medium Brown Wavy

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