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30 Wonderful Short Hairstyles for Women



Are you having trouble deciding which haircut to choose next? Do you want to be bold about your decision and try something new? In this article, we have you covered with Short Hairstyles for Women that are to die for! If you dislike that summer heat and your hair is only making you hotter, why not be courageous and snip it off…not completely though(unless that floats your boat, then sure, go for it!). Here are a few short hairstyles that will definitely convince you to go for the shortcut look! A bob is a perfect choice for you if you have thick or thin hair. It will make you look professional and poised, and you could even add some highlights at the tips. If you do not want any hair covering your ears, you could go for a shorter style, like the pixie cut! This is rather gamine with its boyish charm, and at the same time is classy and sophisticated. Pixie cuts come in too many styles to mention but they are, in general, an adventurous choice, especially if you previously had lengthy hair; no one will expect it! You could have your hairstylist cut your hair in a ‘full-on-top’ look. This is short on the sides, and of course full on top! This would be a good choice if you have thick, curly hair. If you are just in dire need to get rid of those annoyingly long locks, and no longer want to go through that hefty process of washing, combing, drying, etc. you could just have your hair cut short and messy! This is simple yet gorgeous, and will accentuate all your best features! So, if you’re planning on snipping it off and are looking to explore a new style and draw attention to your beautiful facial features, these short hairstyles are just for you!

1-Short Hairstyle

Short Hairtyle, Hair Thick Long Wavy

2-Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair, Flat Women Square Hair

3-Gray Pixie Bob

Gray Pixie Bob, Pixie Short Gray Long

4-Cute Messy Bob

Cute Messy Bob, Length Bob Choppy Messy

5-Lob Cut with Loose Curls

Lob Cut with Loose Curls, Lob Bob Wavy Brown

6- Trendy Pixie Hair

Pixie Hair Short Tousled

7- Chin Length Wavy Hair

Length Hair Short Chin

8- Wavy Hairstyle

Hair Purple Pastel Brown

9- Shaggy Bob

Hair Bob Shaggy Thin

10- Bob Cut with Side Bangs

Bob Hair Short Hairtyles

11- Cute Style

Short Hair Hairtyles Pixie

12- Short Haircut

Short Layered Bob Balayage

13- Beachy Waves

Hair Short Bob Color

14- Long Pixie Hair

Short Hair Pixie Haircuts

15- Long Bangs

Pixie Short Trends Choppy

16- Short Bob Cut

Bob Short Blonde Layered

17- Fine Hair

Short Bob Layered Hair

18- Long Bob with Bangs

Bob Long Lob Bangs

19- Half Updo Hairstyle

Hair Blonde Color Makeup

20- Blonde Ash Balayage

Makeup Hair Beauty Dark

21- Braided Hair

Hair Short Makeup Clip

22- Cute Braided Hairstyle

Hair Hairtyles Easy Short

23- Half Updo Hair

Hair Hairtyles Half Length

24- Pink Short Hair

Hair Short Girls Blonde

25- Pixie Cut

Pixie Short Choppy Haircuts

26- Pixie Hair with Bangs

27- Short Bob

28- Awesome Style

29- Blonde Pixie

30- Wavy Bob Hair

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