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20 Purple Nail Art Designs



Purple is one of those colors which bears a lot of significance with them. As for the origin, the color purple is a combination of red and blue colors that are themselves symbols of fierce energy and calm stability respectively. Besides, purple alone has the authority over pompous things of life such as royalty, ambition, luxury and so on!

So, when you want to present yourself a believer of mystery and devotion, a holder of creative energy, purple should be your representative color. Interestingly, you can carry this iconic symbol with you no matter wherever you go. How? By wearing the paint on your nail. No, we aren’t saying to have it in a dull manner. You can be as much fashionable as you want.

This article contains a list of 20 purple nail art designs with lots of varieties. Some are created with nail paint only, others have rhinestones and/ or glitter. Sparkling designs are the most famous ones as they can draw a lot of attention. You can also go for the gel nail arts if you’ve sophistication in mind.

1- Purple Nail Art Design

Purple Nail Art Design, Nails Purple Nail Coffin

This nail art is so seductive in the appeal that your admirer might find some ways to reach your hand for giving a consciously unconscious touch. The glittery part is another fact for which many girls are choosing it as their signature style for the everyday look.

2- Purple Acrylic Nails

Purple Acrylic Nails, Nails Nail Designs Art

3- Soft Purple Oval Nail Art

Soft Purple Oval Nail Art, Nails Nail Acrylic Light

4- Purple and Silver Nail Style

Purple and Silver Nail Style, Nail Classy Designs Art

5- Purple Nails Ombre with Glitter

Purple Nails Ombre with Glitter, Nails Nail Glitter Purple

6- White Feather(s) on Glittery Purple Nails

Purple Nail White Nails

7- Pink, Purple, and Black Gel Nails for Valentine’s Day

Purple Nail Designs Art

8- Dark to Dim Shade Coffin Nails

Nails Matte Coffin Nail

9- White and Purple Line Design

Nail Purple Nails Designs

10- Sparkling Multiple Colors

Polish Glitter Lacquer Nails

11- Ombre Effect and Teal with Glitters

Nails Nail Teal Purple

12- Nude Pink, Violet, and Glittery Orange

Nails Purple Gold Nail

13- Fun Nail Designs

Nail Designs Nails Art

14- Abstract Whirlpool Style

Nail Ideas Purple Designs

15- Rhinestone Glamorous Touch

Nails Nail Glamour Bling

16- Cute Matte Ombre Shades

Ombre Nails Nail Matte

17- Shiny Coffin Nail

Nails Nail Purple Designs

18- Floral Pattern

Nails Purple Nail Designs

19- Flower and White Dots

Nail Purple Nails Flowers

20- Pink and Purple Mix

Purple Polish Nails Ombre

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