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Best 20 Jennifer Lopez Hair



The versatility of Jennifer Lopez is not limited to her acting skill. It stretches to her trying various hairstyles as well. She is, in fact, among the most searched actress by people who remain in the haunt of new hairstyles every next week. So, it’s evident that she entertained her hair with thousands of styles with variant length and color.

The texture of her hair is so cool that every sort of style suits it. Therefore, no matter what your hair length is, you’ll always get some inspiration to follow from JLo. For now, you can see the following 20 hairstyles worn by Jennifer Lopez at some point in her lifestyle.

1- Jennifer Lopez Hair

Jennifer Lopez Hair, Hair Color Jennifer Lopez

This style is perfect for an outing. Easy to style and takes less effort to show some added volume to your hair.

2- Jennifer Lopez Long Hair Blonde

Jennifer Lopez Long Hair Blonde, Hair Blonde Jennifer Lopez

Blonde looks awesome when you manage to keep the dark hair roots visible. Subtle, sassy and sweet!

3- Jlo Hair Colour

Jlo Hair Colour, Hair Jennifer Lopez Color

Dry brown hair can get a statement-making perfect look if you give it a layered cut. For girls with thin hair, it can be a go-to option when other styles may not look so ravishing on them.

4- Jennifer Lopez Blonde Bob Hair

Jennifer Lopez Blonde Bob Hair, Hair Jennifer Lopez Layered

Make your beholders fall flat seeing your glamor with this side swept asymmetrically trimmed hair. True, it gives a kind of messy vibe, but that’s what makes it look more sensational.

5- Jlo Layered Blonde Hair

Jlo Layered Blonde Hair, Hair Color Blonde Jennifer

6- Messy Layered Shoulder length Bob

Jennifer Lopez Hairtyles Tight

7- Middle Parted Balayage

Hair Golden Jennifer Lopez

8- Layered Waves for Thick tress

Hair Brown Jennifer Lopez

9- Ponytail with Bangs

Hair Ponytail Brown Messy

10- Sleek Straight Edgy End

Hair Jennifer Lopez Blonde

11- Soft Twists at End

Hair Brown Colored Caramel

12- Unequal Length for Sassy Look

Hair Color Blonde Jennifer

13- Top Knot Half Up half Down

Up Half Knot Down

14- Blonde Unkempt Hair

Hair Blonde Jennifer Lopez

15- Pinned Top Head Hair for Voluminous Look

Hair Jennifer Lopez Color

16- Beachy Wavy Mane

Hair Jennifer Jennifer Lopez

17- Perfect Style with Smokey Eyes

Hair Jennifer Color Jennifer

18- Side Swept Shoulder Length Lob

Hair Color Celebrity Spring

19- Medium Length Straight Hair

Hair Color Jennifer Lopez

20- Middle Rested Layered Cut

Jennifer Lopez Hair Hairtyles

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