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23 Short Hairstyles for Round Faces



Round faces are often underestimated due to its inability to get a charming look with all the hairstyles available. And needless to say, short haircut is a “no-no” option for round faces. Because short hairstyles make our facial features more expressive which is not something girls with round face appreciate.

However, the world of hairstyles has undergone a revolution and girls are loving the idea of short hairstyles. Since they require less maintenance and possess the power to create an aura of excellence in the wearer’s personality, girls having round face are hardly getting able to ignore its charm and finding it hard to suppress their desire to try short haircut even for once.

In case, you’re also feeling the dwindling about whether to wear a short hairdo or not, let our suggested 23 short hairstyles for round faces be your guide in making you choose the right decision. They are all amazing and will suit your round face for sure. Check them out!

1- Short Hairstyle for Round Faces

Short Hairtyle for Round Faces, Short Hair Blonde Round

The soft shoulder length bob on your blonde will look so mesmerizing that your beholders would scarcely be able to take their glance of you. The visibility of the dark roots gives the style a more natural vibe. Perfect for high textured mane!

2- Round Face Short Thin Hair

Round Face Short Thin Hair, Short Pixie Hair Face

3- Short Hair for Round Chubby Face

Short Hair for Round Chubby Face, Pixie Short Face Long

4- Bob Haircut for Women

Bob Haircut for Women, Short Hair Bob Women

5- Curly Cute Hairstyle

Curly Cute Hairtyle, Hair Round Half Glass

6- Bonde Shabby Shoulder Length Bob

Hair Short Blonde Margot

7- Side Swept Asian Cut

Short Hair Faces Round

8- Stunning Shag

Hair Short Wavy Face

9- Charming Long Side Swept Fringes

Makeup Face Faces Short

10- Bold Look for Thick Mane

Short Hair Round Face

11- Trendy Sassy Ombre

Short Hair Faces Round

12- Side Shaved Upturned Bangs

Short Round Asymmetrical Faces

13- Voluminous Curls on Pixie Hair

Short Round Pixie Face

14- Middle Parted Soft Balayage

Hair Short Face Cute

15- Gorgeous and Sophisticate Vibe

Round Face Short Hair

16- Blonde Waves

Wavy Short Hair Face

17- Classy Short Hairdo for Women Over 50

Short Hair Women Over

18- Excellent Hair Dye for Elegancy

Short Faces Hairtyles Plus

19- Middle Rested Tousled Tress

Face Round Short Kylie

20- Cute Sensational Blonde

Hair Faces Round Short

21- Above the Shoulder Haircut

Hair Short Faces Round

22- Growing Out Angled Bob

Bob Hair Cabelo Sachse

23- Blonde with Dark Roots

Hair Blonde Short Makeup

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