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20 Tattoo Sleeve Ideas



Tattoo sleeves are a hit this season. The name itself explains the concept of it. More precisely, tattoo sleeves are tattoos done on the arm that covers the arm like a shirt sleeve. Such tattoos usually have heavy designs as they cover a large area. But they can also be done with minimal looking designs in a smaller area.

Today we bring to you 20 tattoo ideas for imprinting on your sleeve below.

1- Tattoo Sleeve Idea

Tattoo Sleeve Idea, Tattoos Sleeve Cool Tattoo

These numerical Roman figures on your forearm look mesmerizing while the feathers sketched above it complement the whole idea. Can you sneak peek the rose designed on ahead the feathers? No wonder, you are going to have a long list of followers among the tattoo admirers.

2- Full Sleeve Roman Tattoo

Full Sleeve Tattoo, Sleeve Tattoo Full Arm

This tattoo features an ancient Rome inspired infrastructure and characters. If you are a history lover, this will be an aesthetic choice for you.

3- Guardians of the Galaxy Full Sleeve Tattoo

Guardians of the Galaxy Full Sleeve Tattoo, Tattoo Art Love Ink

This tattoo is inspired by the hit movie and Marvel comic ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. It features a heavy and colorful design and covers the whole arm. This tattoo can be a bit hard to pull off since it is very bright and will also take time to get it done.

4- Women Full Sleeve Tatt

Women Full Sleeve Tatt, Tattoos Tattoo Sleeves Ink

In this tattoo, the arm is covered by floral designs. The flowers and leaves in such designs have intricate shadings done on them. This is definitely a perfect choice for lovers of nature.

5- Half Sleeve Tattoo for Women

Half Sleeve Tattoo for Women, Tattoo Sleeve Pretty Beautiful

6- Sunflower with Precious Words

Sunflower Tattoo Sleeve Beautiful

7- Mythical Goddess with Other Floral Patterns

Tattoos Tattoo Sleeve Pin

8- Too Intricate Flowers

Tattoo Mandala Half Sleeve

9- Roses and Butterfiles

Tattoos Sleeve Tattoo Girl

10- Asian Colorful Flowers

Sleeve Tattoos Asian Tattoo

11- Lots of Flowers and Leaves

Tattoo Half Sleeve Flower

12- Abstract Symmetrical Design

Sleeve Tattoo Arm Henna

13- Fine Sketches on Shoulder

Tattoo Tattoos Half Fake

14- No Place Empty Full Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve Tattoo Full Women

15- Black and Grey Combination

Tattoos Tattoo Grey Black

16- Human and Animal World Represented

Tattoo Sleeve Women Tattoos

17- Beauty and the Beast

Tattoo Flower Rose Beast

18- Lace Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoos Tattoo Sleeve Henna

19- Detailed Vintage Floral Features

Tattoo Sleeve Art Mandala

20- Pops of Color

Tattoo Tattoos Sleeve Ink

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