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25 Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair



For a feminine and chic look, nothing provides so much amazement in style than the curly long hair. While a lot of ladies with curls deem their tress a mess, chances are, they are overlooking its multi-faceted styling options. Because as we can see now, the present era has open a huge opportunity for all types of hair. Fashion and trend are not limited to any certain kind of hair texture or color.

And as expected, this sense of individuality has extended its arena and curly long hair stylists have embraced it wholeheartedly. Consequently, we have got thousands of options for styling our curls.

So, if you are like me and want to adorn your personality adding more vivacity, being a lady with long curly mane, you should definitely consider the following 25 Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair. Different color variation and hair volume increaser (for the fine textured tress) are also suggested. Choose the one that will help you meet your preferred outcome best.

1- Curly Hairstyle for Long Hair

Curly Hairtyle for Long Hair, Hair Curly Curls Waves

For a more natural and playful vibe, this hairstyle can be a fit fashion to wear. The brown tinge towards the end of your black curly tress is going to enhance the charm of your personality even more.

2- Curl for Very Long Hair

Curl for Very Long Hair, Hair Long Styles Messy

3- Side Parted Hair

Side Parted Hair, Hair Curly Curls Styles

4- Boho Long Curly Hair

Boho Long Curly Hair, Hippie Urban Boho Vintage

5- Very Long Thick Curly Hair

Very Long Thick Curly Hair, Curly Hair Curls Natural

6- Vintage Look

Sexy Girls Lamarr Hedy

7- Curly Perm for College Girls

Hair Curly Long Perm

8- Red head Mermaid Style

Curly Long Red Hair

9- Carefree Vibe

Curly Hair Long Styles

10- Too Long Ginger Hair

Hair Ginger Von Beauty

11- Balayage on Bouncy Tress

Curly Hair Curls Big

12- Ringlets and Colors

Curly Long Perm Hair

13- Braided Crown on Dim Blonde

Prom Hair Hairtyles Long

14- Portray Like Glamor

Hair Curly Flowers Fantasy

15- Ombre Highlights on Brown Curls

Curly Hair Ombre Brown

16- Top Knot

Curly Hair Naturally Length

17- Low and Deep Toned Hair Dye Combination

Hair Curly Girl Love

18- Trendy and Volumnous

Hair Curly Long Daily

19- Sassy and Shiny

Hair Curly Locks Long

20- Thick Curls on Black Mane

Curly Hair Long Goals

21- Tinge of Brown on Black

Hair Curly Curls Up

22- Wavy Long Perms

Hair Long Balayage Wavy

23- Large Round Curls

Hair Long Up Fun

24- Long Bob for Thin Mane

Hair Sasha Curly 30

25- Tousled Curls Fade Style

Hair Curly Long Brown

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