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23 Simple Nail Designs



Minimalism is in fashion in the modern times. Simple nail art designs are getting more and more popular. People tend to try out simplified designs rather than get all glamorous. Because in many things including nail art, less is more.

With that ideology in mind, today we bring to you 23 simple nail art designs that you must try the next time you get your nails done.

1- Geometric Shaped Simple Nail Design

Simple Nail Design, Nail Simple White Nails

In this nail art, after the base coat, a white matte nail polish is applied. After that, lines are added with a black nail polish using a striping brush to create geometric shapes.

2- Oval Shape Simple Nail Polish Art

Oval Shape Simple Nail Polish Art, Nail Art Simple Designs

This nail art is perfect for oval shaped nails. Apply a nude, matte shade and add floral designs with a thin brush to get this beautiful look.

3- Pretty Summer Nails

Pretty Summer Nails, Website Nail Manicure French

Silver glitters in parallel lines over the white nail paint makes the ring finger the main attraction. The nude color on the other fingers will surely make your summer days.

4- Red Short Nail Art

Red Short Nail Art, Nail Nails Designs Art

Red is the symbol of romance. Hence, this red featuring design is perfect for celebrating a fun packed romantic day with your partner or friends.

5- Half Moon Nail Design

Half Moon Nail Design, Nail Nails Manicure Blue

If you’re opting for something trendy, yet simple, you should definitely try this nail art. Start off by applying a blue glossy shade and then carefully add a nude nail polish on top, keeping a half moon shape on the bottom.

6- Golden Dots on Black

Nail Black Nails Las

7- Artistic Creative Pattern

Nail Simple Designs Art

8- Dark Triangle on Nude

Nail Nails Simple Designs

9- Half White Half Nude

Nail Simple Nails Manicure

10- Grey Nail Paint with White Tiny Dots

Manicure Nail Moon Polish

11- Cute Pink with White Heart

Nail Cute Simple Polish

12- Flowers at Edge

Nail Pink Summer Nails

13- Play with Black and White

Nail Manicure Nails Designs

14- Visually Appealing

White Black Bright Internet

15- Neutral Floral Sketch

Nails Nail Short Wedding

16- Gel Nail Design

Pink Nail Nails Great

17- Sweet and Perfect

Nail Manicure Designs Art

18- Sparkly French Manicure

Nails Nail Glitter Manicure

19- Black Dots

Nail Simple Elegant Dot

20- Beautiful Shine

Nail Simple Designs Art

21- Imaginary ParaboNail Summer White Designs

22- Colorful Glitters

Nails Nail Designs Art

23- Abstract Featured Navy Blue Paint

Nail Simple Manicure Nails

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