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Best 35 Short Hairstyles 2018



Looking best of your version wearing a short hair is no more a myth! Therefore, ladies are continuously changing their hairstyles from pixie to spikes and/ or lob with bangs to asymmetrical bob. That being said, switching from long to short hair is somewhat intimidating. Because having long hair, you might have been living the feeling of Rapunzel inwardly. So, a sudden change may crush your fancy in case you don’t meet your preferred look with the new hairdo.

Still, the good part is you can look gorgeous with a short hairstyle in no time. They are low maintenance yet capable of taking your glamor to the next level. Besides, fine hair owners are tending to have short hair as it can add more texture through some waves and bouncy layers around their face. The whole thing turns their appearance way too elegant by accentuating their facial features.

Needless to say, short hairstyles are never boring and always subtle in its appeal. For better observation, here you’ll find the best 35 short hairstyles that are prevailing in 2018.

1- Short Hairstyle 2018

Short Hairtyle 2018, Short Hair Pixie Cut

2- Cute Short Haircut

Cute Short Haircut, Hair Pixie 2017 Cute

3- Short Pixie Wedge Hair

Short Pixie Wedge Hair, Short Pixie Hair Choppy

4- 2018 Womens Short Hair

2018 Womens Short Hair, Short Hair Pixie Haircut

5- Beauty Pixie Cut

Beauty Pixie Cut, Hair Short Makeup Haircut

6- Caramel Brown Boy Cut

Pixie Short Hair Thin

7- Asymmetrical Grey Hair

Short Hair Pixie Asymmetrical

8- Upturned Side Trimmed Style

Short Hairtyles Haircuts 2018

9- Side Parted Undercut

Makeup Hair Beauty Year

10- Short Blonde Bob

Short Pixie Hair Bobs

11- Silver Tinge on Black Mane

Short Hair Pixie Undercut

12- Voluminous Afro

Hair Curly Short Styles

13- Greenish Blue Chopped Pixie

Pixie Short Hair 20

14- Trendy Side Swept Blonde

Short Hair Blonde Fine

15- Stacked Bob with Bangs

Bob Blonde Balayage Platinum

16- Curly White Mess

Pixie Hair Short Messy

17- Grey Glamor

Short Hairtyles De 20

18- Fun Color Idea for Textured Look

Hair Pixie Short Color

19- Tousled Uneven Length

Pixie Hair Short Blonde

20- Short Blonde Choppy Bob

Short Bob Blonde Choppy

21- Low Maintenance Hairdo

Short Pixie Hairtyles De

22- Back and Side Shaved Pink Fringes

Short Pixie Hair Blonde

23- Middle Parted Loose Waves

Brown Hair Some Shade

24- Summer Bold Fashion

Hair Short Pixie One

25- Sassy All Purpose Style

Short Pixie Cut Undercut

26- Unkempt Pointy Ends

27- Untraditional Long Front Hair

28- Layered Bob for Thick Mane

29- Braid on Upper Side for Rebellious Look

30- Sophisticated Short Haircut

31- Asymmetrical Platinum Hairdo for Aged Women

32- Fashionable White Fringes

33- Fine Smooth Brown Hair

34- Barely Neck Touch

35- Stately Superb Style

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