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30 Tattoo Ideas for Girls



Unlike the earlier years, girls are enjoying more liberty to have their favorite tattoo(s) on their body. So, if you’re a girl full f enthusiasm for tattoos, it is high time you took advantage of this trend and take your love for the inkwork to the next level.

As for the beginning, you can adopt a minimalist designed tattoo such as sketches of some flower or fruit or animal. However, if you want it big and have no problem having the tattoo covering a wide area of your body, then go for a leg sleeve tattoo or have the world map as your rib tattoo. The choice is yours!

And before you visit the tattoo artist, it would be a good idea to see our list of 30 Tattoo Ideas for Girls. You’ll see both mini and big designs here. Show them to your artist and finalize the one you love most. And most importantly, for creativity purpose, allow yourself to be more open to accepting some customized tattoo out of these.

1- Tattoo Idea for Girls

Tattoo Idea for Girls, Tattoo Tattoos Cute Small

This tattoo is perfect for music or record-loving girls. It also bears a significant message related to life. All in all, it’s easy to achieve and wonderful to look at.

2- Best Simple Pineapple Tattoo

Best Simple Pineapple Tattoo, Tattoos Tattoo Idea Minimalist

3- Lotus Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo, Lotus Tattoo De Son

4- Best Tattoo for Girls on Hand

Best Tattoo for Girls on Hand, Tattoos Tattoo Tiny Cute

5- Minimalist Coffee Tattoo

Minimalist Coffee Tattoo, Tattoos Tattoo Leg Girl

6- Baby Elephant

Tattoo Elephant Tattoos Baby

7- Cardinal Directions

Tattoo Small Feet Girls

8- Various Tiny Tattoos on Different Fingers

Tattoo Tattoos Tiny Women

9- Garter with Gun

Tattoo Girls 3D All

10- Cute Inspiring Quote with Rose

Tattoo Cute Tattoos 4

11- Shoulder Tattoo Floral Feature

Tattoo Shoulder Tattoos Girls

12- Sister Bonding

Sister Tattoo Sibling Nail

13- Colorful Unicorn

Girl New All Age

14- Dog Paw with Heart Sign

Tattoo Tattoos Print Paw

15- Symbolic Text with Image

Tattoos Tattoo Small Girls

16- Small Palm Tree

Tiny Small Tree Palm

17- Women Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoos Tattoo Henna Leg

18- Five Birds

Tattoo Tattoos Small Girls

19- Minimalist Heart Sign

Small Tattoos Tattoo Tiny

20- Liberty Symblism

Tattoo Girl Cute Small

21- World Map Rib Tattoo

Tattoo Blossom Cherry Tattoos

22- Open Book

Tattoo Book Ankle Grey

23- Just Live

Small Tattoos Tattoo Bone

24- Cross on Wrist

Wrist Cross Small Tattoo

25- Magical Effect Nymph on Ankle

Tattoos Tattoo Art Foot

26- Sun on Neck

27- Lion Symbol of Strength

28- Geometric Objects for Cat Lovers

29- Big Roses Black Scratch

30- Abstract Shape Sun, Moon and Lotus

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