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20 Natural Nail Designs



Natural nail designs are among the most loved options among the girls these days. Pink, gel or nude colors are common ones you can use to get your preferred natural nail look. Length of the nails is the primary thing you will need to consider while adopting this style. If you want it less hassling for performing your daily tasks, we appreciate the minimal length. However, during your outing or when you’re planning to attend an evening party, a little longer nails should be your finest option.

Next to length, the shape of your nails has a lot to do for ensuring the best outcome. Coffin, square, round, almond or oval – no matter what shape your nails has got, this collection of 20 Natural Nail Designs will have your back.

1- Natural Nail Design

Natural Nail Design, Ombre French Wedding Nails

This one is the simplest design for square nails. The glittery pink towards the root has met the white color at the tip. No doubt, girls are loving this ombre effect over anything else.

2- Short Natural Nail Art

Short Natural Nail Art, Manicure Ideas Wedding Nails

Another finely manicured short nail variation which has earned the fame of being the most adopted design by the ladies this year.

3- Nude Gel Nails

Nude Gel Nails, Nails Nail Summer Designs

Now here is the beauty in consistency. Two nails have got plain nude while others are matte with same colored glitters evenly scattered.

4- Short Cute Nail Design

Short Cute Nail Design, Acrylic Natural Manicure 681

Want cute nails of medium length? Imitate this mild pink with white tip design, and you will be amazed by its charming aura. Ideal for all shaped nails.

5- Natural Long Coffin Nails

Natural Long Coffin Nails, Nails Coffin Natural Nail

6- Soft Pink Coffin Nail

Nails Nail Coffin Acrylic

7- Cool Gel Style

Rings Engagement Oval Pink

8- Clear Square Nail

Nails Acrylic Nail Natural

9- Stiletto French Tip

Stiletto Nails Nail Nude

10- Natural Looking Short Nail

Natural Acrylic Nail Gel

11- Lines with White paint and Glitter

Nail Nails Art Manicure

12- Ombre Gel Nails

Nails Nail Designs Art

13- Simple Tribal Style

Nail Simple Tribal Nails

14- Minimal Design Blue Triangle

Nails Nail Pink Acrylic

15- Golden Tinge

Nails Nail Manicure Natural

16- Silver Effect on Ring Finger

Nail Manicure Nails Designs

17- Less Maintenance

Nail Nails Acrylic Short

18- Scattered Pieces for Extra Charm

Nail Nails Natural Bridal

19- Natural Grade

Photo Photos Art Nail

20- Simple yet Elegant

French Nail Gold Designs

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