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25 Vintage Hairstyles for Short Hair



We all are familiar with the adage – Old is gold. And not to mention, this is very true about fashion aka the attire, footwear, and the hairstyle we wear. More or less, everyone cherishes sort of admiration for these age old, that is, vintage things or styles.

If you’re like us and want to feel the same vibe with a freshness of itself, chances are, you would appreciate how we passionately collected 25 vintage hairstyles. Since we cannot cover it all in one article, this one is going to present the styles applicable for short mane only.

1- Vintage Hairstyle for Short Hair

Vintage Hairtyle for Short Hair, Wavy Short Curly Hair

The stunning waves on the black short hair alone can make your beholders fall for you.

2- Vintage Short Hair Updo

Vintage Short Hair Updo, Hair Vintage Pixie Emma

Most similar to the fictional characters of the eighteenth century, this updo can bring an enchanting vibe about your personality.

3- Short Bob Updo Hairstyle

Short Bob Updo Hairtyle, Wedding Hair Short Hairtyles

Rounded Large curls over your cheeks can lend the perfection to your glamor. It’s easy to achieve. Simple side parted bob would be an ideal length to try this hairdo.

4- Retro Short Wedding Updo

Retro Short Wedding Up Do, Hair Retro Hairtyles Short

You will love this wedding updo for getting a retro look. Once achieved, this style can keep on boosting your confidence throughout the day.

5- Vintage Pixie Style

Vintage Pixie Style, Short Wedding Hair Vintage

A perfect wave on the frontend of your head is what makes this vintage pixie style stand out of the crowd. If you’re a blonde, we think this is a must-try option for you.

6- Colourful Short Hair

Hair Retro Short Vintage

7- Classic Short Haircut

Hair Up Short Hairtyles

8- Short Johansson Scarlett

Short Johansson Scarlett 50

9- Stylish Wedding Hair

Wedding Short Vintage Marilyn

10- Antiquated Black Haircut

Hair Hairtyles Rock Short

11- Side Parted Platinum Short Hair

Monroe Marilyn Short Vintage

12- Archaic Very Short Bob

Short Vintage Taylor Up

13- Grey Pin Up Hairstyle

Up Clip Short Vintage

14- Victorian Roll on Short Hair

Roll Short Vintage Pixie

15- Blow Dries on Blonde Hair

Short Hair Up 50

16- Classically Rich Haircut

Vintage Short Women Marilyn

17- Hair Chain for Bride

Hair Bridal Wedding Rollsup

18- Wavy Hollywood Haircut

Reese Witherspoon Hair One

19- Blonde Wavy Bob

Hair Short Waves Hollywood

20- Christina Aguilera Hairstyle

Short Hair Gwen Womens

21- Sophisticated Hair

Hair Vintage Hairtyles Makeup

22- Victory Rolls Updo

Short Bowie Hair After

23- Vintage Copper Cloured Haircut

24- Debonair Ombre

Short Medium Makeup Watson

25- Platinum Pin Up Short Hair

Hairtyles Vintage Hair Marilyn

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