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20 Butterfly Tattoo Designs



Want a feminine vibe in your ink art? Try the butterfly tattoo. This type of design can be highly symbolic of your personality. For example, your love of freedom and liberal sentiment become evident with a butterfly art. The colors on the insect look special when it comes to express your point of view towards life which is not dull rather an existing form of the rainbow.

And when you’ll be in love with this tattoo, its placement on your body can simply reinforce the idea. The common spot where people love to have this is either on their wrist or foot. You can also adore your upper back or shoulder with this beautiful piece of design.

Need more inspiration before you finalize one? Here are 20 Butterfly Tattoo Designs we couldn’t take our eyes away since the first time we see them. We hope you’ll also find them attracting.

1- Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterfly Tattoo Design, Butterfly Tattoo 3D Realistic

The 3D effect of this butterfly tattoo is incomparable in appeal. You can have it on your foot just beside the ankle.  Choose between complete pink and multiple colors following your personal taste.

2- Teal Butterfly Tattoo

Teal Butterfly Tattoo, Tattoo Foot Butterfly Tattoos

Teal, purple, green and orange – four different colored butterflies of succeedingly decreased sizes are placed in descending order. The gaps between the figures are filled with black waves and blue stars.

3- Easy Indian Dream Catcher Tattoo

Easy Indian Dream Catcher Tattoo, Dream Tattoo Catcher Mandala

Since we can’t carry our actual dream catchers everywhere we go, this easy Indian dream catcher tattoo can successfully replace its good effect of providing good dreams to the wearer.

4- Lace Butterfly Tattoo

Lace Butterfly Tattoo, Butterfly Tattoo Lace Coloring

5- Small Blue Butterfly Tattoo Idea

Small Blue Butterfly Tattoo Idea, Butterfly Tattoo 3D Blue

6- Colourful Tattoos for Girls

Tattoo Fairy Butterfly Beautiful

7- Watercolour Butterfly Tattoo

Tattoo Butterfly Watercolor Tattoos

8- Beautiful Blue Butterfly Design

Butterfly Tattoo Tribal Designs

9- Cute Little Tattoo on Wrist

Butterfly Tattoo Wrist Small

10- Tattoo Ideas on the Arm

Butterfly Tattoos Tattoo Piercing

11- Black Butterfly

Butterfly Tattoo Women Black

12- Butterfly Skull Tattoo

Butterfly Skull Art White

13- Colourful Butterflies

Butterfly Tattoo Watercolor 3D

14- Drawing of Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo Tribal Designs

15- Simple Fine Line Tattoo on Wrist

Butterfly Tattoo Minimal Idea

16- Gorgeous Black Tattoo on Leg

Tattoo Butterfly Women Tattoos

17- Design of Butterfly

Butterfly Tribal Borboletas Feminine

18- Orange Butterfly on Foot

Butterfly Tattoo Foot Top

19- Realistic Tattoo Art

Butterfly Tattoo 3D Women

20- Double Butterfly on Back

Hair Tattoo Butterfly Love

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