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25 Easy and Pretty Hairstyles



Having long hair is a matter of beauty in itself. However, in our busy lifestyle, it’s tough to keep pace with trend all the time when it comes to hairstyling. We sometime try to imitate complex hairdos when we are looking to attend a party or celebrating some special occasion. But taking the time to make ourselves presentable is not an easy task.

Even after that, we don’t say it’s completely impossible to keep up our good like intact in hurried situations. For example, it’s wholly reasonable to have a low messy bun or braided updo without spending too much time. You can go on trying lots of other styles as well.

In this article, we have brought together 25 Easy and Pretty Hairstyles for you. So, from now on, looking pretty won’t take more than a few minutes. These easy hairstyles will not only save your time but also keep on boosting your confidence ensuring better performance in your everyday life and work.

1- Easy Pretty Hairstyle

Easy Pretty Hairtyle, Hair Hairtyles Spring Easy

Two low buns on your blonde are something you can achieve in less than a minute. Simply part your hair into two sections, twist them on opposite direction, and make buns in a hands-free style. That’s it!

2- Braided Prom Hairstyle

Braided Prom Hairtyle, Hair Hairtyles Braids Braided

This braided style is best recommended to be paired up with a chic dress on your prom night. Try on thick mane and you’ll surely be amazed to see the charm.

3- Hairstyle for Bridesmaid

Hairtyle for Bridesmaid, Hair Wedding Braided Hairtyles

4- Cute Low Messy Bun

Cute Low Messy Bun, Blonde Choppy Hair Bobs

5- Wedding Updo

Wedding Updo, Updo Wedding Hairtyles Hair

6- Half Braided Hair

Hairtyles Hair Braided Braids

7- Knotted Pony

Hair Wedding Hairtyles Low

8- Braided Bun

Hair Braid Updo Hairtyles

9- Simply Gorgeous Hair

Hair Cute Long Bob

10- Half Bun Lock

Hair Hairtyles Simple Medium

11- Ponytail with Braided Updo

Hairtyles Hair Medium Casual

12- Stylish Double Pony

Hair Bun V Pretty

13- Half Up Half Down Haircut

Hair Blonde Up Half

14- Dark Rooted Blonde Prom Hair

Hair Hairtyles Wedding Prom

15- Long Messy Braid

Hair Curly Hairtyles Braid

16- Platinum Crossed Lock

Hair Wedding Crown Hairtyles

17- Hairstyle with Ribbon

Hair Hairtyles Pretty Easy

18- Bohemian French Braid

Hair Inspiration Hairtyles Updo

19- Two French Braid Updo with a Pony

Hair Braids Hairtyles Spring

20- Easy Stylish Twin Pony

Hair Braids Hairtyles Camille

21- Long Adorable Pony

Hair Blonde Pretty Easy

22- French Fishtail

Hair Fishtail Braid Hairtyles

23- Braided Bun Updo for Teens

Hair Hairtyles Locks Pretty

24- Very Simple Ponytail

Easy Hair Really Days

25- Half Braided Hairstyle

Hair Hairtyles Pretty Easy

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