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20 Lion Tattoo Ideas for Women



The unquestionable king of the animal kingdom which is the lion is a status representation of power and strength. Tattoo based around the lion and lioness has been there for many years now, but yet it’s still an exclusive famous tattoo subject. Other features of the lion that can carry over to an image demonstration such as a tattoo are glory, vigor, family, victory, courage, beauty, loyalty and masculinity. Lions are lovely tattoo images for both men and women, and there is a huge range of significant lion ideas that can simply be revealed with tattoos. Here, you will find some beautiful Lion Tattoo Ideas for Women that best suit your skin. The head-shots are the most famous tattoo subjects. They can be fitted on the knuckle of your finger or large enough to occupy the back of a full grown man making them tremendously adaptable amidst all lovers of tattoos either big or small. Watercolor tattoos are another design that is presently very famous. An excellent artist can really make this tattoo very awesome by executing this style. The geometric dot work tattoos are also exclusively famous presently. This geo-lion appears extremely attractive. Tattoos done in this style will most-definitely be one of the best. You will require the services of a good artist to make sure this tattoo is perfectly drawn in order to bring out its beauty. A lion or cub combo design can also be an attractive tattoo for you to emphasize the bond between parents and children. We have delivered many ideas, so check them and try the one that most suits your desires.

1-Lion Tattoo Idea

Lion Tattoo Idea, Lion Tattoo Tattoos Wolf

2-Small Lion Tattoo

Small Lion Tattoo, Lion Tattoo Tattoos Small

3-Best Half Geometric Lion Tattoo

Best Half Geometric Lion Tattoo, Lion Geometric Tattoo Tattoos

4-Cool Lion Tatt

Cool Lion Tatt, Art Lion Tattoo Skull

5-Lion and the Lamb Tattoo Idea

Lion and the Lamb Tattoo Idea, Lion Tattoo Sleeve Tattoos

6-Lion with Flowers

Lion Tattoo Head Flowers

7-Watercolor Tattoo

3 Paw Nice Little

8-Geometric Lion Tattoo

Tattoo Tattoos Lion T

9-Lion on Ankle

Lion Leo Triangle Tattoo

10-Lion Tattoo on Back

Tattoo Lion Tattoos Leo

11-Gorgeous Tattoo Idea

Tattoo Lion Tiger Art

12-Interesting Tattoo Idea

Tattoo Tattoos Lion Line

13-lion Polygon

Lion Art Prints Color

14-King and Queen Lion Tattoos on Fingers

Tattoo Tattoos Lion King

15-Lion Tattoo Water Color

Lion Tattoo Tattoos Best

16-Big Tattoo

Tattoo Lion Tiger Like

17-Female Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo Tattoos 1

18-Small Lion Head Tattoo

Tattoos Tattoo Lion Head

19-Lion with Red Flowers

Tattoo Lion Tattoos Idea

20-Lion on Back

Hair Lion Nice Crown

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