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Long Bun Hair Styles for Summer 2019



Those of us with long hair have an adoration/loathe association with it. On great hair days, we cherish appearing off (there’s actually in no way like a decent hair flip). On terrible hair days, all we need to do is conceal it from the world. Our go-to hairstyle for those awful days? A bun.

A bun is simply simple. It keeps our hair out of our appearances in a protected manner that a braid simply doesn’t. It’s additionally generally low-upkeep and practically goes with all the fixings. The best part: There are such a large number of approaches to wear one. We scoured the world (otherwise known as Instagram and Google) and gathered together the buns that our preferred big names have been wearing. From organized bunches to smaller than normal buns, we have everything covered—and for various hair textures as well.

Look down to see the buns we since quite a while ago haired young ladies are biting the dust to attempt.

1. Messy Summer Bun Style

Blessing yourself a low bunch easily made with the assistance of a hair bun. It’s a style you can wear every day and even in long outfit occasions.

Summer Bun


2. Bun Hairstyle for Summer

We would consider it a loose or fixed turned bun. The best thing about it is that the curve shows off the various tones in the model’s hair and it looks more intricate than it is.

Bun Hairstyles for Summer

3. Jlo Bun Hairstyle for Summer

Feel tall and pleased when you have this basic yet remarkable topknot of Jeniffer Lopez! Get your strands off your pretty face to hotshot your glitz make-up.


Long Bun Hair for Summer

The underneath exquisite buns are on the whole generally simple to reproduce yourself however have a quality of unpredictability that makes individuals think you put in a long stretch of time before your mirror culminating each strand. Give the compliments a chance to pour in as you attempt one of these for the shoreline, a gathering, or simply everyday wear.

4. Easy Bun Hairstyle for Long Hair

Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

5. Braided Bun Hairstyle for Long Hair

Easy Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

6. Box Braid Hair with Bun

Box Braid Bun Hairstyles for Summer-6

7. Low Bun Hair

Low Bun Hairstyles for Summer-7

8. Cute Simple Hairstyle

Cute Bun Hairstyles for Summer-8

9. Messy High Bun

Messy Bun Hairstyles for Summer-9

10. Hair Style and Color for Girls

Bun Hairstyles for Summer-10


Bun Hairstyles for Summer-11


Bun Hairstyles for Summer-12


Bun Hairstyles for Summer-13


Bun Hairstyles for Summer-14


Bun Hairstyles for Summer-15


Bun Hairstyles for Summer-16


Bun Hairstyles for Summer-17


Bun Hairstyles for Summer-18


Bun Hairstyles for Summer-19


Bun Hairstyles for Summer-20

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