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20 Latest Long Bob Haircut



Here are the 20 latest long bob haircut ideas we’ve brought together for you! We’re sure that you will find a hairstyle for your taste!

1. Long Bob Hair

These delicious locks are longer in the front compared to the back to genuinely make the face appear slimmer. As such, this hairstyle will be most flattering for round faces that could utilize some more structure. This cute hairstyle will make angles appear sharper by raising the cheekbones and narrowing the jawline. Free waves will add some texture and make the hair appear thicker.

Long Bob Haircut

2. New Wavy Long Bob Cut

Although a long bob naturally adds structure to the face, profundity can be added to the hair itself with the assistance of features. In this particular style, only the tips sports features, adding texture and volume to the generally dormant closures. This system is an especially decent hairstyle for women who experience thinning of the hair as it becomes out.

Long Bob Cut

3. Straight Long Bob Hairstyle

Although long bobs add enough style alone, you can kick up the look by a score with eye-catching color. This platinum blonde works very well with cooler skin tones, meaning the veins on your wrists appear blue rather than green, which indicates warmer connotations. However, don’t give that fact a chance to deflect you from brandishing this beautiful color!

Long Bob Hairstyles

4. Lob Hairstyle 2019

Layers add an amazing amount of texture to long bob hairstyles of any sort. With this style, your hair will always look as if it’s experienced a victory because of the volume that the heavy layers give. Hinstarshe nature of this look is messy and that aspect can’t really be altered so quit this one in case you’re not into that style!

Lob Hairstyles 2019

5. Long Bob Style

A lob haircut automatically frames the face and makes it appear slimmer, however, this flattering impact can be emphasized further with the assistance of some natural colored features. Typically, these features are close to three shades lighter than your natural hair color with the goal that they appear inconspicuous yet at the same time add that easy fly to your facial bone structure.

Long Bob Styles

6. Layers and Highlights

Long Bob Haircut-6

7. Blunt Cut

Long Bob Haircut-7

8. Cute Hair Style

Long Bob Haircut-8

9. White Blonde

Long Bob Haircut-9

10. Modern Look

Long Bob Haircut-10


Long Bob Haircut-11


Long Bob Haircut-12


Long Bob Haircut-13


Long Bob Haircut-14


Long Bob Haircut-15


Long Bob Haircut-16


Long Bob Haircut-17


Long Bob Haircut-18


Long Bob Haircut-19


Long Bob Haircut-20

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