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20 New Almond Nail Designs



The almond nail designs is one of the most popular nail shapes existing apart from everything else, and it’s easy to perceive any reason why. The shape, which looks like the nut of the same name, is elegant, sophisticated and completely a la mode. As such, it’s no big surprise why an ever-increasing number of women are picking the outline for their fingers. In this way, on the off chance that you’ve chosen an almond shape for your nails, it’s a great opportunity to indicate it off, and we have the designs for the activity. From splendid and intense patterns to chic and minimalistic shades, these nail art ideas will carry fashion to your fingertips.

1. Almond Nail Design

Along these lines, on the off chance that you have claws that completion just past your fingertips, make sure to give this lovely style an attempt.

Almond Nail Designs

2. Natural Almond Nail Art 2019

On the off chance that you like the vibe of long and solid almond nails yet you are having an issue developing them yourself, acrylic nails are a decent alternative to consider. They’ll also give you a brilliant base on which you can evaluate perfect new nail designs.

Almond Nail Art

3. Glittered Almond Nail Idea

An almond shape is a great choice for anyone with long nails. It is lovely and ladylike, yet it also elongates the appearance of fingers.

Almond Nail Ideas

4. Natural Oval Nail Design

Oval Nail Designs

5. Classy Almond Shaped Nail Design

Almond Shaped Nail Designs

6. Geometric Style

Almond Nail Designs-6

7. Summer Colors

Almond Nail Designs-7

8. Soft Pink

Almond Nail Designs-8

9. White Nails

Almond Nail Designs-9

10. White and Matte

Almond Nail Designs-10


Almond Nail Designs-11


Almond Nail Designs-12


Almond Nail Designs-13


Almond Nail Designs-14


Almond Nail Designs-15


Almond Nail Designs-16


Almond Nail Designs-17


Almond Nail Designs-18


Almond Nail Designs-19


Almond Nail Designs-20

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