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This hair color trend is replacing balayage



Balayage is no longer the answer to the hottest hair color in 2021 – this stylish hair trend is replacing the popular dyeing technique

Hair color trends come and go, but one thing has held up bravely over the past few years and is still loved by beauty gurus: balayage. As the ultimate dyeing technique with very little maintenance, it is the perfect summer color – at least until now!

Strictly speaking, the color sweep can be viewed as balayage 2.0. Just like with the popular dyeing technique, highlights are set in the hair here, which ensure a seamless transition from the darker shade of the hairline to the light tips. With golden or silver reflections, a warmer or cooler tone can be achieved as desired. The ingenious color sweep now improves this technique.

The hairdresser works the lighter highlights into the individual strands by hand and thus ensures a perfect, individual color gradient. Individual parts are highlighted and others are shaded. The hair color thus appears much more complex and gives the hairstyle more dimension and shimmer effects.

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