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These hair colors are in in 2021 – and these are out



Can’t wait to change your look too? We feel you! Fortunately, the appointment with the hairdresser is finally booked. The only question that remains is: a new cut or a new color – or maybe both? If you’re more of the “point clipping” type, the answer is simple.

1. In 2021 blondes will have warm nuances in their hair again

Bright babylights give brunettes a radiant complexion

For brunettes, the following applies in 2021: Don’t let your hair be dyed in a striking manner, but given highlights. If they are set very gently with soft transitions, it makes your look more exciting. Nice side effect: the changing of the different shades makes your hair look more voluminous.

Bright babylights

3.  Copper red – Out – burgundy red

Copper and caramel are very popular. As a hairstyle trend, on the other hand, the rather unnatural-looking burgundy red is being adopted.

Hairstyle trend 2021: In - copper red - Out - burgundy red

4. Face framing is one of the biggest hairstyle trends in 2021

Let’s be honest: we’ve never really made friends with thick strands of blocks. We prefer to wear fine babylights in our hair, preferably as face-framing highlights. The very delicately colored strands frame the face beautifully, but still, look natural and give you more freshness.

Face framing is one of the biggest hairstyle trends in 2021

5. Eye-catchers are guaranteed with pastel hair colors

A hairstyle trend that takes a bit of courage: pastel colors. But especially in summer, it looks super hip. Whether lilac or pink: pastel tones in your hair simply put you in a good mood. But: stick to the soft nuances, because blatant neon highlights are out.

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